Arlene Freed & SmurfBeing an artist has been a lifelong choice for me. There are very few mediums that I haven’t put my hands on. I’ve loved each and every art form that I’ve tried, including … pottery, sculpting, sewing, knitting, painting murals, and more.

After receiving a BA in Advertising and Design from The College of New Jersey, I spent a number of years as a graphic artist. But the desire to work with my hands took over, and I spent 20 years as a metalsmith, handcrafting jewelry, and selling my work at fine craft shows and galleries around the country.

The desire to paint has brought me back to the easel. The colors in and around Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where I live, influence my palette. My love for animals, including rescuing greyhounds, has given me the desire to paint their portraits. I’m able to capture both their essence and their spirit in oils.

By painting children at play, I’m brought back to my own childhood and to the joy and innocence of youth.

Much of my time is now spent hanging with my Greyhound Layla, and on painting anything I see, that will bring a feeling of warmth to my soul.